What to anticipate from tv trends 2019

In the last ten years, the realm of tv and media in its entirety has encountered a considerable transformation in terms of both its form, its distribution, and its contents.

One of the results of the evolving technology trends in media and entertainment industry is the big modifications that the whole idea of advertising is starting to go through. In the past an essential of television, now as lots of the consumption of content has moved online on paid-for platforms, especially for the younger generations who may not even have a TV, the format of ad breaks is becoming outdated. Instead, ads are adapting to social networks, and large media figures like Vincent Bolloré must be aware of this matter in this time of change. The digital media trends 2018 show how adverts are becoming shorter, interactive, and bolder.

Watching the newest widespread production of TV content, even in light-hearted genres such as comedy, it becomes clear that there is a variation in the themes and topics which are discussed. The current trends in television shows present an increased range of inclusion, for example in terms of character backgrounds and identities; this comes as a result of demands for a much more genuine representation of the actual members of the communities and groups which are being represented. Furthermore, countless shows are interweaving more complex social issues in their plots, so that they can be both enjoyable and educational at the same time.

As we look at any form of material explaining the view on the future of broadcasting 2018, one among the main aspects is perhaps something we have been a part of: the amazing rise in popularity of digital platforms for media consumption. As an alternative for releasing one episode every week, producers like Luca Bernabei are today contemplating launching whole seasons of a tv series at once, so that viewers can binge-watch it episode after episode in the period of a couple of days. The innovation of new broadcast technology is also influencing the shape of the content, with some experimental interactive work that lets the viewers opt the direction of the story.

After contemplating a comprehensive media and entertainment industry overview, there are a few phenomena which have just risen in the very last few years. An example is that of diversification with regards to the country in which a piece of content is transmitted. Instead of subtitling or dubbing a foreign show, for example, content like that originally produced by Marianne Furevold-Boland has been entirely adapted to the society of the target audience, essentially producing a brand-new piece of media with different characters and actors, where the plots are adjusted to the local norms and traditions. This is certainly one of the new trends in television broadcasting to watch out for.

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